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ARIS Solutions has been providing Veteran Directed Care (VDC) services since 2011. We’re exceptionally proud of our longevity providing financial management services to a wide array of veteran-related individuals and entities. At present, ARIS Solutions serves an estimated 875 veterans through its existing VDC programs.

Current Programs

As these programs continue to grow and new opportunities develop in other states, ARIS Solutions continues its involvement with VDC programs to provide Veterans and their families the Financial Management Services they need to continue care in their home. Taking the burden of tax filings and payroll processes off the Veteran allows them the time to self-direct individual care needs and provides the opportunity to focus on what matters the most to them.

ADRC North connects seniors, people with disabilities, and caregivers with long-term care services and support in their communities.

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It can be a struggle for some of Alaska’s veterans to remain independent as they age. Now, advocates are trying to get the word out about a program that can help. The federally funded VOICE program is designed for those in the VA healthcare system who need extra care, but want to stay in their own homes. It helps the veteran hire a preferred caretaker, which sometimes means a family member.

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SAIL empowers seniors and people with disabilities by providing services and information to support you in making choices that will positively affect your independence and productivity in society.

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