A History of Supporting Others

Since its foundation as a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation in 1996, ARIS Solutions has provided financial, payroll, administrative and tax-related services to assist individuals, families, and non-profit organizations so that those entities may focus on the important work of assuring that people can remain in their communities. ARIS Solutions supports each individual's right to choose services and service providers which best meet their needs in a cost efficient and accessible manner.

ARIS Solutions provides payroll and tax-related services to Vermont individual employers and caregivers, Veteran's payroll services, and business office and payroll services to non-profit agencies and has earned an outstanding reputation. While services have expanded nationally, its New England roots keep the organization attuned to the needs of the communities served.

The depth, scope and geographic reach of the services offered has expanded to meet the growing demands of a complex healthcare and social services system. It is ARIS Solutions’ ongoing commitment to provide high-quality and cost-effective services with a person-centered approach.

Front page photo by ARIS employee Michelle W.